Welcome to the OSA Online Training Center

The Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association strives to provide innovative solutions for our members’ training needs. As part of that effort, we have partnered with LocalGovU to offer CLEET approved courses in an online format. We realize that budgets are tight and time is limited. This website offers you a high quality library of courses that are both CLEET approved and approved by the Jail Standards Unit in Oklahoma.

OSA will provide members with up to 10 courses FREE each year.

Online training offered on this site is:

  • CLEET Approved – One hour per course
  • Jail Training is approved by the Jail Standards Unit
  • Convenient – Available anytime 24/7 from any computer with internet access
  • Efficient – Courses are written short modules

When your office is ready to access online training courses, your appointed training administrator will set up an account for your department and add your staff to that account. A LocalGovU representative will contact you once your account is created to assist with adding your staff and setting up your online courses.

Courses are made available to all users in your account by LocalGovU. Jail courses are available all year, additional CLEET approved courses are offered on a quarterly basis.

Existing Users: Enter your access codes below to access your courses.

New Users: Check out the CLEET Approved courses available quarterly ,check out the Jail courses by Jail Documentation Log category or set up an account to start training today!