Bexar County Online Training


Bexar County offers free online training to all employees. The County is committed to investment in training measures designed to provide employees the skills and awareness they need to become better performers in the workplace. Training opportunities are available to staff such as:

  • Defensive Driving
  • Sexual Harassment

Defensive Driving is required in accordance with the Comprehensive Vehicle Policy which applies to all Bexar County officials/employees using a County-owned vehicle or personal vehicle to perform County business:

Sexual Harassment is necessary to ensure no employee feels unsafe at work. Proper education and awareness not only help to safeguard against inappropriate behavior and unwanted advances by clearly defining violations, but also empowers those who may encounter sexual harassment to recognize and report these cases to management.

How to Access the Training:

Employees are registered for training by their departments and assigned the required courses. Click the appropriate button below and after entering your e-mail please select Forgot Password option to reset your password. In case you still need to be registered for training or are having difficulty accessing your account, please feel free to contact Ian Maurer, (210) 335-0668 or

Bexar County Employees – All Access

Bexar County Sheriff’s Office – Law Enforcement