The Leading Provider of Online Training
for Local Governments


LocalGovU is the leading provider of online training and e-Learning for public entities nationwide and works directly with cities, counties and risk management groups to provide high quality, accredited training that reduces liability and mitigates risk within your organization. LocalGovU offers more than 3,000 courses, covering topics ranging from human resources, safety, management, and productivity to law enforcement and corrections.

At LocalGovU, our mission is to streamline your organization’s training structure, offering quality courses at an affordable cost. By improving the education and employee engagement within your organization, we focus on helping your organization develop the leaders of tomorrow.

LocalGovU offers law enforcement, corrections, fire and EMS courses, which are approved and recognized by several states for CEUs and training requirements. In addition to the content we have, we are continuously seeking state accreditation in all areas of local government to meet your training needs.


America’s largest training library & easiest to use learning management system for local government and public entities.


Train anytime, anywhere

Online learning allows you and your employees to train when it’s convenient. Complete courses on your phone, tablet or computer 24×7, 365 days a year.


Manage and assign training easily

Assign courses, videos and policies to employees or groups in one easy step. Automated email and site notifications keep organizations like yours on track.

Straightforward, affordable pricing

Low annual per-user fees providing incredible value. Choose the topics most relevant to your group or get an all-inclusive plan.

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders

With the many challenges facing public entities today, LocalGovU provides a comprehensive training solution to reduce liability and mitigate risk within your organization. With online courses ranging from general safety to human resources development and information technology, our platform streamlines your organization’s training structure, allowing your employees to stay in compliance. By improving education and employee engagement for organizations in the public sector, LocalGovU is helping develop the leaders of tomorrow.