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Affordable Online Training for Local Governments

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Content in core areas written specifically for the needs of public entities, including law enforcement, corrections, HR & safety, health & wellness, management & productivity and more.

A platform designed to mitigate risks, reduce claims costs and enhance employee development with easy-to-use online education.

“Pace yourself” training allows users to access training whenever it’s most convenient for them. Bookmarking allows users to stop training at any time and pick back up where they left off.

Track individual user training with advanced administrative tools. Custom reports meet various documentation needs.

Delegating administrative access to department supervisors allows you to organize, administer and track employee training at the individual and group levels.

Strategic partnership aligns your goals with LocalGovU’s. LGU assists with member outreach via custom email campaigns, newsletters and one-on-one outreach to ensure your members are empowered to train their employees effectively and efficiently.

Harness the same engine that drives the robust LocalGovU platform to create and administer your own courses, policies and procedures.

Third party training lets administrators track classroom training for departments or users who don’t have easy access to a computer.

Anytime, anywhere training on laptops, desktops and tablets.

“The Ellensburg Police Department uses LocalGovU for nearly all our annual employee required training as well as several other non-required courses specific to a position in the department. It has proven to be easy to access and use, and very easy to track the training each employee has completed. All of the courses are professionally presented and easy to follow. I would highly recommend LocalGovU to agencies and departments looking for simple to use training with lots of pertinent workplace topics.”

Jim Keightley

Captain, City of Ellensburg Police Department

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LocalGovU is developing the leaders of tomorrow by improving education and employee engagement for organizations in the public sector.

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