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It is always important for public entities to provide relevant training to keep their employees up to speed on current events happening in the community and/or nationwide. From incidents involving drug epidemics to security hacks, employees working in the local government sector should be educated on how to prepare and respond to any of these situations.

LocalGovU provides a robust library of 3,000+ relevant training courses to help public entities improve on their preparation and operational efficiencies. With topics available to educate various public safety roles, our learning management solution offers organizations the best training and management tools to develop employee skill sets, build employee awareness, drive engagement and reduce liability.

These online courses are a few of the many available to public entities:

  • Active Shooter: Phases and Prevention
  • This course will discuss the mindset of an active shooter incident from a basic prevention and recognition standpoint. We will begin by giving a high-level overview of the five phases of an active shooter incident from planning through execution; we will also lay out the proper recognition of an active shooter incident, discuss prevention strategies in the context of a school shooter, and examine basic response planning practices and considerations.

  • Bloodborne Pathogens for First Responders
  • This online course discusses what you need to know about bloodborne pathogens in order to keep yourself and those around you safe.

  • Bullying in Schools
  • According to PACER, a national parenting center in Minnesota, 160,000 children in the United States miss school on any given day as a result of being bullied. This sobering statistic highlights the fact that bullying is an issue that every school is confronted with on an ongoing basis. With the cooperation of students, parents, teachers, administrators and staff, however, it is an issue that can be managed so that schools can be a safe place where all students have the opportunity to learn and create pleasant memories. In this course, the learner will gain understanding regarding the connection between bullying and student violence, identifying the different types of bullying, and finally, recognizing the impact bullying has on the victim.

  • Cyber-security Threats to Public Entities
  • In this one-hour course, we will explore the world of cyber-security; including its definition, methods of attack, and how to combat threats.

  • Ethical Behavior for Local Government
  • In this course, we will define ethical behavior, provide examples of work situations where a thorough understanding of workplace ethics may be applied, and ways in which you can determine if your decisions and behavior are meeting the appropriate standards.

  • Opioid Crisis: Protecting our First Responders
  • The increased availability of synthetic opioids coupled with the heroin epidemic has not only led to a significant increase in overdoses and deaths, but also an increased risk to first responders who must come into contact with these substances during the course of their duties. Exposure to small amounts, the size of a grain of sand, can lead to respiratory depression and even death. Proper identification and knowledge of the various opioids, signs and symptoms of exposure, and immediate life-saving measures to be employed in the event of exposure are critical to saving the life of yourself or others. Additionally, the likelihood of first responder exposure requires the implementation of universal precautions including but not limited to personal protective equipment (PPE), Narcan training, and specific procedures for testing of suspected substances.

  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  • Sexual harassment in the workplace can happen to anyone, male or female, regardless of sexual orientation. While sexual harassment may have been overlooked, ignored, or excused in the past, that is no longer the case. In fact, sexual harassment is on everyones mind these days. A majority, if not all companies, have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment. Improper behavior in the workplace may have significant consequences both for yourself and your employer. If you are a victim of sexual harassment, this may create a hostile work environment which takes a toll on your career, your personal life, and your health. Recognizing what sexual harassment is, both the subtle cues as well as the overt advances, will help you to identify potential warning signs and take the necessary steps to report sexual harassment. There are a number of preventive measures that can be employed as well as recommendations of what to do if you have been or are the victim of sexual harassment.

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