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Colorado CCWP Certified Online Courses from LocalGovU

LocalGovU is a Certified Training Provider for the Colorado Certified Water Professionals (CCWP) with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. Courses fulfill requirements in the following categories: Water Treatment, Wastewater Treatment, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Water Distribution and Wastewater Collection. Are you looking for a way to meet Colorado training requirements while saving time, money and hassle associated with in-person training and manual documentation? You’ve come to the right place.



LocalGovU is a certified training provider and provides the following Water and Wastewater courses online:

Course Title Accreditation Number Hours
Absorbents and Spills 21-02905 1h
Airborne and Bloodborne Pathogens 21-04975 1h
Back Injuries 21-04976 1h
Basic First Aid 21-04991 2h
CDOT Flagger Training 21-06857 2h
Confined Spaces 101 21-04994 1h
Confined Spaces 102 21-04995 1h
Decentralized Wastewater Systems 21-06853 1h
Defensive Driving Basics 21-04997 1h
Drinking Water Distribution System Management 21-06854 1h
Drug and Alcohol Awareness 21-00002 1h
Dump Truck Safety 21-00005 1h
Electrical and Fire Safety 21-00008 1h
Emergency Preparation and Egress 21-00010 1h
Equipment Safety 21-00013 1h
Excavation Safety and Operation 21-00019 1h
Fall Protection 21-00024 1h
Finance 101 for Non-Financial Managers 21-00025 1h
Forklift Safety 21-00023 1h
Global SDS and the Hazardous Communication Standards 21-00022 1h
Ladder Safety 21-00020 1h
Lockout/Tagout 101 21-00014 1h
Lockout/Tagout 102 21-00012 1h
Personal Protective Equipment 21-00009 1h
Power Tool Safety 21-00006 1h
Preventing Accidents in the Workplace 21-00004 1h
Preventing Slips, Trips, and Falls 21-00003 1h
Public Employee Safety in the Community 21-00001 1h
Respirators and Air Quality 21-04996 0.5h
Safe and Effective Work Zone Inspections 21-04990 1h
Sewer System Overview 21-06855 1h
Storage Tank Management 21-06856 1h
Stormwater Runoff Responsibilities 101 21-04989 1h
Stormwater Runoff Responsibilities 201 21-04988 1h
Wastewater Utility Operation & Maintenance 21-04986 1h
Water Agency Security 21-04985 1h
Water Distribution Management 21-04984 1h
Water Quality Standards 21-04982 1h
Work Zone Exposure Control Measures 21-04981 1h
Work Zone Safety for Local Governments 21-04980 1h
Work Zone Traffic Control 21-04979 1h
Workplace Ergonomics 21-04977 1h

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