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Customer Service

Ensuring customer satisfaction can be challenging. Improve your customer service skills with courses that focus on strategies for handling difficult customers and successful customer interactions.

Course Name Course Description Length
Handling Difficult Customers for Local Governments When residents have problems with municipal services, they call city hall. More often than not, these calls are negative in nature rather than positive, and handling these customers is a skill in and of itself. Local governments cannot function effectively if the relationship between the government and its residents is fraught with tension. By taking this course, you will learn the necessary skills for representing your municipality and strengthening its relationship with citizens. 1h
Online Customer Service Skills Providing Customer Service is no easy task, and when it comes to dealing with customers online, the task can become even harder. With more and more companies and departments moving towards online customer service strategies, it’s incumbent upon an organization and its members to fully understand how to use online tools to skillfully deal with customers, improve customer relations, and handle customer issues. 1h

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