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Driving Safety

Every driver bears a responsibility for the safety of themselves and other drivers on the road. Courses in this topic will aid a variety of driver types to avoid deadly, distracted, and intoxicated driving, and even increase both basic and advanced defensive driving skills.

Course Name Course Description Length
Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety In this course, employees will learn to recognize the major responsibilities of commercial motor vehicle drivers and identify the “”4 A’s of Defensive Driving””, understand the definition of a “”No-Zone”” and the steps involved in safely backing up a CMV. 30m
Driving Safety for First Responders This course will explore the effects of distracted driving and how it directly relates to your duties as a first responder. We will also describe how to position your vehicle during an incident or responding to a call, how to proceed through intersections, and why it is always important to be aware of your surroundings. Additionally, we will define what distracted driving is and how it plays a role in your daily duties. 1h
Motor Vehicle Incident Investigation Police officers are often first on the scene when a motor vehicle incident occurs. Police officers will be equipped to manage and investigate straightforward to complex motor vehicle incidents. The aspects of scene management will be explored, including investigating the scene, gathering evidence and clearing the scene. 1h
Transit Operations: Supervisor Training This one hour course discovers the transit supervisor role in leadership, delegation, safety, reasonable suspicion testing, and interpersonal communication skills. 1h

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