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EEOC and Employment Law

Every city and municipality must stay up-to-date with the legally mandated courses from the EEOC. To ensure that your organization is meeting these legal mandates, learners can take courses in FMLA, HIPAA, Protected Statuses, and Ethics for Local Government Officials.

Course Name Course Description Length
Disciplinary Action and Procedures for Local Government This course will educate managers on the importance of rules and discipline in the workplace and will help them identify steps in the progressive disciplinary process. 30m
Ethical Behavior for Elected Officials This course offers insight into your role as an elected official regarding moral and ethical decisions you will face during your time in office. This course is designed to assist you through ethical and moral decisions that you will face during your term. As always, this is an overview and in no way takes the place of state or Local law and /or training requirements. 1h
Ethical Behavior for Local Governments In this course, we will define ethical behavior, provide examples of work situations where a thorough understanding of workplace ethics may be applied, and ways in which you can determine if your decisions and behavior are meeting the appropriate standards. 1h
Investigating Incidents for Local Government This course will help employees recognize the importance of incident investigations and the roles that employees play in the process, as well as help them identify the types of information collected during an investigation. 30m

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