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Equipment Safety

Accidents and injuries occur every year in the workplace due to poor training habits and outdated equipment. Increase the safety of your employees when they work with a variety of tools by taking courses on power tool and electrical safety, dump trucks and excavators, and many more.

Course Name Course Description Length
Cemetery Maintenance Whether caring for a small family cemetery or a large historical cemetery, maintenance is a highly-regarded service that friends and families of those loved ones buried there value. This course will focus on the safety precautions to take while on the job, as well as different ways to enhance the experiences of cemetery guests. 1h
Chainsaw Safety Like all power tools, a chainsaw can save both time and labor if used properly. But, it can be quite dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced operator. Operators who take precautions when using a chainsaw help create a safe and secure environment for themselves and their co-workers. Taking these precautions can prevent the long-term negative effects that can result from accidents. 1h
Commercial Lawn Mower Safety This Commercial Lawn Mower Safety course will help educate you on the precautions you must take to reduce the risk of injury or death. 1h
Dump Truck Safety The workhorse of a job site is the dump truck. The various use of a dump truck is a potential source of injury including fatalities.This course will address safe work practices for dump truck drivers. 1h
Excavation Excavators have varied functions on construction sites. However, not all of them are safely and properly used. Each year, accidents involving excavators occur, resulting in bodily injuries to workers and other persons, as well as damage to property. This one-hour course will provide an overview of how excavators can be safely used by better understanding the machine and the procedures to follow. 1h
Forklift Safety One of the most helpful tools in a warehouse is the forklift. These odd-looking pieces of machinery can genuinely do some fantastic things. But for all their celebrated advantages, without prior training, driver awareness, pre-inspection, and maintenance, a forklift can cause severe damage and injuries. This course will provide the basics of the proper operation of a forklift. 1h
Lawn Care Equipment Safety This course will help employees recognize the risks involved in using lawn care equipment, identify the 4 most common types of lawn mower accidents and ways to avoid them and finally, provide tips for the safe operation of different types of lawn care equipment. 30m
Power Tool Safety Power tools are a crucial part of your job every day. While their everyday use may make them seem familiar and safe, it is vital to remember these tools can live up to their name. You can move from safe to unsafe in under one second. This course will highlight how important power tool safety is, the differences in power tool categories and their risks, as well as how to safely operate power tools. 1h
Trench Safety In this course, the learner will discover how to recognize the hazards that exist with trenching activities, gain understanding regarding the regulations that govern activities tied to trenching and finally, learn to identify safety procedures associated with trenching activities. 30m
Trenching and Excavation Safety This course covers key elements of the standards and describes safe work practices that can help protect workers from cave-ins and other hazards. 1h

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