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Information Technology

With technology evolving rapidly, it is even more critical to ensure that you are up to date with the latest tech trends. Refresh your skills with IT specific courses such as Cybersecurity Threats to Public Entities and Computer basics.

Course Name Course Description Length
Cybersecurity Incident Response – NEW! Every member of your organization is responsible for preventing a cyberattack. This course is designed to enhance your ability to respond to a security breach. 1h
Cyber-Security Threats to Public Entities In this one-hour course, we will explore the world of cyber-security; including its definition, methods of attack, and how to combat threats. 1h
Protection from Ransomware and Phishing Attacks Technology allows us to do more with less. It has pushed our generation closer to finding cures to diseases, created solutions to world issues, and can even help you find your missing wallet or car keys. The downside of technology is the need to protect our assets from cybercriminals. If we are not proactive and intentional in our online behavior, we run the risk of cyber crimes such as ransomware and phishing. In this course, we will identify the vulnerabilities we are exposed to as well as protective measures we can employ to keep our assets safe. 1h

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