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Parks and Recreation

Whether you’re responsible for operating your local community pool or maintaining the landscape of public buildings, parks and recreation employees will still need to refresh their skills on public pool health and safety, commercial lawn mowing, park development and maintenance, as well as planning and designing public properties and programs for the community.

Course Name Course Description Length
Public Pools and Public Health Most people equate a visit to the swimming pool with fun, laughter and good times. They’re usually not thinking about the potential for illness and disease that exist when pathogens get into the water or on the surrounding surfaces when poor hygiene and/or proper facility maintenance is not observed. Illnesses as varied as diarrhea, athlete’s foot and legionnaire’s disease are possible if staff members are not doing their jobs properly and visitors are not practicing good personal hygiene. This course will provide learners with an overview of the illnesses and diseases that are possible, and how they can be avoided. 30m

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