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Customer Service

Course Name Course Description Hours
A Welcoming Customer Culture There is a strong correlation between customer satisfaction and the success of a business or department. A welcoming customer culture is one in which an organization is working to create satisfied customers from the inside-out. 0.5
Developing Effective Communication Skills It’s no coincidence that the number one thing that major corporations look for when hiring managers is excellent communication skills. If you communicate effectively, you will more likely to achieve success in your career and your personal life. Being a good listener and knowing how to self-edit will help ensure your success as a communicator. This course will provide you with tools and suggestions on how to accomplish this goal. 0.5
Handling Difficult Customers for Local Government This course presents techniques for changing our perceptions and as a result, our attitudes and practices toward our customers. The result is a positive outcome for all parties concerned. 0.5

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