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Equipment Training

Course Name Course Description Hours
Cemetery Maintenance Cemetery maintenance work requires attention to both practical and emotional details. In a practical sense, you must consider the types of safety issues relevant to any job involving equipment such as lawnmowers, trimmers and backhoes. Working in a cemetery also requires empathy for the family members and friends of the deceased who are interred in your facility. All these visitors see when they come to pay their respects is the condition of their loved ones grave. Your attention to detail can make their visit a good one. In this course, the learner will gain understanding of both the things he or she need to know to do the job safely, as well as the things that will help make a visit to the facility a more pleasant experience for friends and loved ones. 0.5
Chainsaw Safety Like all power tools, a chainsaw can save both time and labor if used properly. But, it can be quite dangerous in the hands of an inexperienced operator. Operators who take precautions when using a chainsaw help create a safe and secure environment for themselves and their co-workers. Taking these precautions can prevent the long-term negative effects that can result from accidents. 1
Commercial Lawn Mower Safety Operating lawn equipment can be dangerous, and sometimes fatal. Developing safe work habits before, and following them during, and after operating machinery, can help you avoid accidents on the job. This one-hour course will cover how to operate lawn equipment and how to reduce the chance of injury or death. 1
Dump Truck Safety In addition to the all familiar carrying, dumping, and spreading of various loads, dump trucks can be outfitted with a wide array of attachments to make it, without question, the workhorse of the job site. Because they are so common, they have far too often been the source of serious injuries and fatalities. This one-hour course will review the safe work practices dump truck drivers must follow to prevent these tragedies. 1
Equipment Safety This course will help employees first identify different types of ladders and equipment used for materials transport and finally, recognize the risks of and safe usage techniques for ladders, power tools, and transport vehicles. 0.5
Excavation 101 Excavators have varied functions on construction sites. However, not all of them are safely and properly used. Each year, accidents involving excavators occur, resulting in bodily injuries to workers and other persons, as well as damage to property. This one-hour course will provide an overview on how excavators can be safely used by better understanding the machine and the procedures to follow. 1
Excavation 102 Excavation 102 training focuses on continuing to educate workers who operate an excavator. Workers will learn how to remain safe as well as what they must be aware of in and around their worksite. This one-hour course will give workers a better understanding of how excavators can be used safely. 1
Forklift Safety Forklifts are specialized multi-use vehicles that many people simply take for granted. Imagine what it would be like, however, to handle the heavy lifting, moving, stacking, loading and unloading of materials of various sizes, shapes, and weights without them. They can, however, be dangerous if they’re operated by people who are not trained to use this highly technical equipment. To drive a forklift safely, you need to understand the possible risks. In this course, the learner will get an introduction to risks inherent with operating a forklift as well as gain understanding regarding the dos and don’ts of operating a forklift safely. 0.5
Kitchen Equipment Safety In this course, the learner will be shown the areas of risk that exist in a school/school district kitchen, the steps one needs to take to minimize the risk of accidents, and finally will gain an understanding of the importance of using personal protective equipment in a school/school district kitchen. 0.5
Ladder Safety 101 This one hour course will educate you on how to properly use a ladder to minimize misuse that could result in an injury or even death. 1
Ladder Safety 201 This one hour course will help you understand how to properly use specific ladders to minimize misuse that can result in injury or death. 1
Lawn Care Equipment Safety This course will help employees recognize the risks involved in using lawn care equipment, identify the 4 most common types of lawn mower accidents and ways to avoid them and finally, provide tips for the safe operation of different types of lawn care equipment. 0.5
Personal Protective Equipment 101 This one-hour course will better inform you about PPE and how wearing the proper equipment will create a safe and comfortable working environment for both yourself and your co-workers. 1
Personal Protective Equipment 102 This one-hour course will better inform you about PPE and how wearing the proper equipment will create a safe and comfortable working environment for both yourself and your co-workers. 1
Power Tool Safety In this course, the learner will have the opportunity to gain greater understanding of the different categories of power tools. 0.5
Trench Safety In this course, the learner will discover how to recognize the hazards that exist with trenching activities, gain understanding regarding the regulations that govern activities tied to trenching and finally, learn to identify safety procedures associated with trenching activities. 0.5
Trenching and Excavation Safety This one-hour course is intended for workers who work in or around trenches or excavation sites. It will cover how to develop a safe work environment that complies with federal regulations. 1

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