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Law Enforcement

LocalGovU offers a WIDE variety of online training courses for Law Enforcement officers. Through our training, officers learn how to conduct themselves during routine tasks and understand complex law enforcement issues.

Police officers and sherriff’s departments can now complete a significant portion of their training online, and in many states this training is approved for CEU credits by your state’s peace officers standards and training (POST) certification board. For Additional Information on state approvals, click HERE.

Check out our complete list of Law Enforcement training courses below. To view a course summary, go to our complete course list HERE and click on the (+) located next to the course title.

• Arrest Procedures
• Basic Firearm Safety
• Bomb Threat Response
• Child Abuse Investigation
• Community Policing
• Conducting Strip Searches
• Conflict and Dispute Resolution
• Crisis Management for Law Enforcement
• Critical Incident Response
• Crowd Control
• Crowd Management
• Dealing with Intoxicated Individuals
• Dispatcher Training
• Ethics in Law Enforcement
• Evidence Collection, Control and Storage
• Handling Domestic Abuse Calls for Dispatchers
• Handling Robbery Calls
• Interviews & Interrogations
• Introduction to Gangs
• Investigating Methamphetamine Crimes
• K9 Operations
• Law Enforcement Liability
• Litigation Procedures
• Managing Traffic Stops
• Mass Fatality Incident response
• Methamphetamine & Your Community
• Off-Duty Conduct and Powers of Arrest
• Presenting Effective Testimony in a Courtroom
• Racial Profiling
• Risk Management for Law Enforcement
• Safeguarding Your Community from Terrorism
• School Emergencies & Law Enforcement
• School Liaison Officers
• Search & Seizure
• Stress Management for Dispatchers
• Suicide Awareness for Law Enforcement
• Synthetic Cathinones & Bath Salts
• Understanding Mental Illness for
Law Enforcement
• Use of Force – Law Enforcement
• Using Oleoresin Capsicum
• Vehicular Pursuit
• Working in Minority Communities
• Youth Violence in the Community

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